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10 July 2017


HomaSazan-e-Khatam Co. was founded on 2006 and started it’s activities as a contractor in engineering, logistics and executive branches.


Gaining valuable experiences in implementation of different projects in oil and gas sector and also practical knowledge and executive ability has led this company to be widely recognized as one the major companies in oil and gas industry who has the ability to execute major projects in the industry. Benefiting from knowledge of young engineers and paying attention to the principles of commitment and responsAbility has guaranteed success in execution of industrial projects.

Accordingly, effective cooperation with employers and gaining their satisfaction during project execution and afterwards is one of the strengths of this company. This has lead to employers’ involvement in different stages of project execution so that their provisional goals would be accomplished completely.

HomaSazan-e-Khatam recognizes it’s responsAblity for providing high quality services and based on quality control, principles of safety and project timetable, tries to deliver the employers’ demand on time.

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