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10 July 2017


Some of our contracts


  • Employer: Pouya Tarabar Aria Engineering Co. - 1388

      Subject: Providing heavy vehicles required by company with drivers

      on a 24 hour basis.

  • Employer: North Drilling Co. -1389

      Subject: Renting heavy machinery and providing water for Rig No 114

      Location: north drilling sites

  • Employer: Naftkav Zharf Engineering Services Co. -1389

Subject: Supplying a 18000 Litres water tank for Rig No 102

Location: Iran’s oil operational areas

  • Employer: Naftkav Zharf Engineering Services Co. – 1390

Subject: Supplying light and semi-heavy machinery for the Rig No 103

Location: Iran’s oil operational areas

  • Employer: Oil Exploration Co. - 1390-1391

Subject: Supplying the water required for the drilling project on Rig No 201 on 24/7 basis.

Location: operational areas

  • Employer: National Iranian Drilling Co. – Since 1391

Subject: Water conveyance and pumpage services for drills using pumps and boosters.

Location: national drilling operational areas

  • Employer: Tadbir Drilling Development Co. –Since 1392

Subject: Supplying water, feed and light and semi-heavy machinery of the drilling rigs.

Location: Ahwaz

  • Dana Petro Rig Co. – 1392-1394

Subject: Supply and transportation of healthy drinking water using a water tank for Dana-3 drill- Supplying machinery for Dana-1 drill.

Location: Pazan-Ahwaz

  • Employer: Iranian Central Oil Fields Co. – 1393

Subject: Supply and transportation of water using 18000 Liters water tank - Repair and maintenance of pipelines and water conveyance to the gas field.

Location: Dalan

  • Employer: Saba Drilling Rig Supply Co. – 1393

      Subject: Providing human resources and food- supplying water

      required for drill and drinking water for employees of the Rigs No

      201- 202

           Location: Ahwaz

  • Persia Gheshm Oil and Gas Drilling Co.- 1394

      Subject: Transportation of healthy drinking water and the water  

      required for drills No 201-202

      Location: Operational Areas

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